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Getting healthy, fit and strong is more important today than ever. And with so many options available how do you know where to turn? It's as simple as calling JR Smith. With over 36 years of professional experience and have worked with thousands of clients, corporations and schools, producing safe and effective results, you can rest assured that you will get the results you need too.

Medical Exercise

Life is tough. It's even moreso when you hurt. But you don't have to stay hurt. If you are seeing your doctor for aches, pains or even joint and spine issues, your physician might want you to be active to help manage the pain. Medical Exercise just might be what the doctor ordered. At BioFit Exercise Technologies, I provide safe and effective medical exercise and I will closely with your physician to provide you with a predicted outcome so that you can minimize the pain, regain freedom on movement and live life and enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Corrective Exercise

It's the little aches and pains that can have such a dramatic impact on your day or even your workout. And sometimes all you need is a quick adjustment to your workout to fix the problem. That's what Corrective Exercise is for. And Corrective Exercise isn't something you typically need to see a doctor for. Rather, it is small tweaks to your exercise that can have such a dramatic impact. It could be a small muscle in the shoulder or hip that has gotten too tight or over worked and simply needs to be addressed and within a few short days to a week or two, you should be back to normal and doing everything you want to do.

Alpha 1 Hypbrid Training Systems

You want to get a bit more aggressive with your exercise program? Well, we have just what you are looking for. The Alpha 1 Hybrid Training System is a safe, effective training program that is grounded in exercise science but is aggressive enough to get you in the best shape of your life. Regardless of what your goals are, the Alpha 1 is for you. From a scientific approach to Cross Training to High School Strength and Conditioning to Metabolic Fat loss, the Alpha 1 Hybrid Training System will help you achieve your goals, safely and effectively.

Integrated Nutrition Systems

It's not enough to workout smart, you have to eat smart. But not everyone needs a diet. You simply need to know if what you are putting on your plate is going to help you in your body achieve your goals. The Integrated Nutrition System is the easiest way to learn how to eat to achieve maximum results with your eating plan and still enjoy your favorite foods. With so many different diet approaches, how do you know which one is right for you? You don't but with the Integrated Nutrition System, we will find the right approach and help you stay on it too.

Health Coaching

It seems today, everything is grabbing for your attention, leaving little time for yourself. Each day you say to yourself that THIS will be the day you take time and do something for you...but you don't. Health Coaching is about helping you learn how to take the time for you so that you can be the best version of you. From learning about stress, nutrition, how your body works, to spiritual issues, to safe and effective exercise, health coaching is something you can trust to help bring calm to your storm. JR Smith is the only Health Coach in the area and has been helping clients for over 36 years to implement healthy life strategies. And it really doesn't take that much time out of your week. Let us show you how easy it really is.

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